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White Chanel with black dye transfer from handles

Posted by Barbara Crouthamel on

This Chanel bag was cleaned - the white areas redyed and the black leather parts sealed.
Important to keep the 2 colors separated - use tissue paper to wrap the handles so they do no lean on the white leather.


Products recommend to help with this is Most Delicate Protection

Hi Barbara,

I just wanted to Thank you for a job exceedingly well done!!   My bag looks amazing!!   Thank you!   You do fabulous work there.  



Chanel dye transfer

QUESTION: Hi, I have a white CHANEL handbag with navy blue straps. It looks like the blue from the handles rubbed off on the bag when it was stored improperly. I tried applying white shoe polish to one area, that was a mistake. I am more concerned with the areas on the main face of [...]

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