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Louis Vuitton bags - WARNING when protecting vachetta leather

Posted by Barbara Crouthamel on

Hi everyone!  I just want to go over some important information about using protection on Louis Vuitton Vachetta or untreated cow hide -

Remember that this leather is made to patina - it is made to darken - it is highly stainable and not restorable.  We are talking about a leather that is very high maintenance and there is no guarantee that in using any products you will not experience some darkening and/or  some streaking,  unfortunately this is the truth.

All you have to do to see what a Louis Vuitton looks like unprotected is take a cyber trip to Ebay ....LOOK AT THOSE STAINS...they are horrible....LV does not stand behind their leather goods  in the sense that they will not refund you if it stains - or replace it for free if the leather stains from rain on the way out of the store...NO WAY - their answer to you is to buy a NEW one. 

Now having said that, at Lovin My Bags - and namely my husband Gary with his 40 years experience in restoring leather - we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on R&D to find the best products that could protect Vachetta leather from staining and slow down the patina process, so that you can have your Louis Vuitton looking great for a long time. We have come up with an amazing product called Vachetta PRE-TREATMENT - it is to PRE- treat the leather so that it does not darken when cleaned - protects the leather from water and oils stains and is the fist step to protecting the handles from darkening.

Is this product perfect ?  No - because leather is not perfect - there are too many variable to guarantee anything from happening when using a cosmetic product or any "chemical" on leather.  Application is as much a factor as the chemistry - too much product can cause the patina to form - too much pressure on the leather can cause streaking - cleaning before protection can cause darkening ....and on and on...the variable are endless..

Used properly in the right amount, the right pressure with the right will have the best experience and see that the leather is protected from all kinds of horrible stains.

If you are nervous about using the products - then I recommend you trust the experts at Lovin My Bags to do the initial protection - once protected the maintenance products are safe to use - It is the initial protection that is CRITICAL.

Can Lovin My Bags be responsible for damage due to the product use - unfortunately we cannot for many reasons - but mainly because leather is not predictable and has no standards - each piece of leather acts differently to chemicals and processes after it is tanned - and we cannot control that.

All leather care products on the market have very clearly stated disclaimers that state that only the cost of the product is refundable - you are solely responsible for the outcome  when you choose to use these products yourself ...

Could any other company selling leather care products help you?  Not at all, because unlike Lovin My Bags they are not part of a restoration service staffed with leather obsessed owners.  This is what make us and our products unique.

So if you want to use the products yourself - know that this leather is made to darken and to stain - If you are nervous about using the products for any reason, let us take care of the initial protection - because we will not be responsible for any damage due to the use of the products -

Patina is a normal process for this leather to undergo - so make sure you know what you are buying - this leather will in no way stay light and pink - but you can avoid the uneven darkening due to stains and the blackening of handles due to hand sweat and oil with Lovin My Bags Vachetta collection.