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Can Lovin My Bags restore a bag after Chanel restored it?

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I need some advice from you.  About 1.5 months ago I got some blue dye transfer on my bag from wearing a blazer.  I bought your bye bye dye (I haven't tried it), but decided first to send it to Chanel to get it cleaned by them first since I didn't trust myself to not cause further harm to the bag.  Well, they did a bad job.  They re-dyed parts of the purse that had blue color transfer and they didn't fully mask the stains.  Also, the dying they did made the bag feel like a different texture and colored some of the threads and not others.  They scuffed the hardware.  They didn't rub the dye in enough and there a couple faint brown marks on the bag.

My question is: has Lovin My Bags ever "fixed" a bad repair job done by Chanel?  Are there any options I have for reversing some of this.  My bag still has blue stains and now parts of it are like new and other parts are re-dyed by Chanel and don't match the original texture.

I'll provide pictures of the purse later.  These issues are really, really not noticeable by majority of people but since I baby my bags and collect these, I know they are there and I'm sure you would be able to see them.



It is unfortunate that the byebyedye was not tried first - in many cases it can remove the dye leaving the leather looking great - but  there is of course some lamb skin exceptions ( just so that no one emails me that it did not work! lol)

We will have to see what was done and see if we can reverse it and then restore her to as close to her original self as we can.  We have done some of these before successfully ...but I am waiting to see the type of leather and the extend of the restoration that was done to her.

It is always easier for us to restore a bag that has not been touched by another restoration system - since the undoing can be as complex as the actual restoration ...making it a costly venture.


I will update the post with the before and after photos...stay tuned...