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Posted by Bianka on

Bought my new Tivoli GM took it out and all the time was thinking how do I hold the handles, where to lend my bag and God forbid if anything including my skin will get in contact with the new exposed and unprotected vachetta. My husband couldn't understand why so much fuss about it but I knew once drop of rain or skin's natural oil or anything else touches it will be a spot that I might not able to clean.

So I came home and jumped on Google to find what others do about protecting their new vachetta. I found couple of forums where people using different ways to clean LV handbags but everyone seem had the same problems with spots.

Than finally I found the site Lovin My Bags's and bought the Vachetta Collection with Pre-Treatment kit- very simple instructions to follow, one thing is you must wash your hands prior treatment and be very patient. It took me couple of days to finish the job. After the pre-treatment and conditioning the vachetta did not change the colour!

I am very happy with the kit I bought, I also used it on my other designer handbags and shoes. My Tivoli vachetta now feels smooth and polished even colour all around. For me it was worth money spent and I can recommend anyone who respect their new designer handbags or designer leather shoes MUST use Lovin My Bags's products!