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Be Proactive!

Posted by Michelle - The Purse Nurse on

I see hundreds of emails a month with varying stories about how one's beloved handbag got damaged. The stories range in drama, but one thing that is common among all of them: the bag owner failed to protect their new handbag upon purchase. 

Now, I understand that you are extremely excited about your new fashion investment and cannot wait to go out and show it off. You rush home, unpack your newest addition, transfer essentials from your 'old' bag to the new bag and run out the door (with a  matching pair of shoes or a belt, of course!). Unfortunately, this is when your bag is most at risk for acquiring damage! Time and time again, I  hear about bags being damaged within the first 30 DAYS of purchase! When you are spending hundreds (thousands!) of dollars, may I suggest it would be wise to protect your bag BEFORE you eagerly skip out the door!

Being proactive, instead of reactive, is the best advice I can give you. I understand that at the sales counter, the last thing you want is to be sold yet another product or accessory. You're already dropping a paycheque (or more!) on a bag, so adding another $25+ to the bill is not of interest.  In any event, that leather must be protected. Wouldn't you agree ?  Cheaper than sending her in for a Spa treatment after all!

While Lovin My Bags' team provides a fabulous restoration service for handbags, I stress that nothing compares to protecting your bag upon purchase.

Lovin My Bags takes great pride in their restoration services, but at the end of the day, they are not miracle workers (well, this is debatable ;) ). In all honesty though, they really aren't. They do their best and we all appreciate that!!!

But why risk it, though? Why not prevent the inevitable rain drops, drink spill, denim rub-off, dirty-handed-kid-hug, cheese dip spill, and hand lotion rub-off? You KNOW these things are going to happen, so why wait?

Moral of my story: Be PROACTIVE, not reactive!