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Just Perfect! Restored Chanel

Posted by Barbara Crouthamel on

Thank you Barbara!

 The Chanel purse arrived today and it is in pristine condition exactly like it looked when I bought it two years ago. My grandaugher, five years old, slipped it out of my closet and managed to take a hair brush to that interior flap. Guess she was trying to "make Pretty" as she calls it. She wasn't punished but I did put that purse up for over a year before I discovered your site. It will be a delight to be able to use it again and it looks brand new. I have a Miu Miu in ostrich that needs to have handles cleaned. Will send it soon.

 Again, thank you for your wonderful service. You made my day! Make that: You made my "month".

 All the best, Elise

Louis Vuitton bags - WARNING when protecting vachetta leather

Hi everyone!  I just want to go over some important information about using protection on Louis Vuitton Vachetta or untreated cow hide - Remember that this leather is made to patina - it is made to darken - it is highly stainable and not restorable.  We are talking about a leather that is very high [...]

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Things to Consider in a Handbag

At Lovin My Bags, we get hundreds of inquiries regarding handbag restoration services for people's designer handbags that have diminished in their beauty over time. Due to the number of years that we have been involved in the leather industry and the leather designer handbag industry, we have been able to come to some general [...]

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Be Proactive!

I see hundreds of emails a month with varying stories about how one's beloved handbag got damaged. The stories range in drama, but one thing that is common among all of them: the bag owner failed to protect their new handbag upon purchase. Now, I understand that you are extremely excited about your new fashion investment and cannot [...]

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Product overview with Barbara

Find our which products are best suited for your handbags

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White Chanel with black dye transfer from handles

This Chanel bag was cleaned - the white areas redyed and the black leather parts sealed. Important to keep the 2 colors separated - use tissue paper to wrap the handles so they do no lean on the white leather. Products recommend to help with this is Most Delicate ProtectionHi Barbara, I just wanted to [...]

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How did Lovin My Bags come to be?

How did we start the handbag spa concept ...well here I am to tell you... Music by the Contours - First I look at the purse (song)

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Can Lovin My Bags restore a bag after Chanel restored it?

Question: Barbara,I need some advice from you.  About 1.5 months ago I got some blue dye transfer on my bag from wearing a blazer.  I bought your bye bye dye (I haven't tried it), but decided first to send it to Chanel to get it cleaned by them first since I didn't trust myself to [...]

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Bought my new Tivoli GM took it out and all the time was thinking how do I hold the handles, where to lend my bag and God forbid if anything including my skin will get in contact with the new exposed and unprotected vachetta. My husband couldn't understand why so much fuss about it but [...]

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More amazing results with Vachetta Cleanser

Dear Barbara, I just wanted to Thank you, the cleanser worked, the water Stains have nearly disappeared. Will send you a picture and Post One on instagram. I already posted a picture of the Products.  It is definitely worthwhile to Order These Products. Thanks again and greetings from Germany. 

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